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Danny Cortez

Danny Cortez is a co-pastor of New Heart, a church that has adopted a Third Way approach on disputable areas of theology and practice. He co-founded My Refuge House, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit ministry that restores survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and abuse. He currently serves as a board member of The Gay Christian Network (GCN). He also works with Sanctuary to help pastors who are navigating discussions around LGBTQ inclusion in the church. He serves regularly as a hospice chaplain with Evergreen Hospice. He earned his M.Div. at Talbot Theological Seminary and is a graduate of Arrow Leadership, BC, Canada. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife Abby and their 4 children. 


Brandan is a noted evangelical thought-leader, humanitarian, and commentator, working at the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and social renewal.

Brandan writes regularly for PatheosSojourners, and The Huffington Post. He has published dozens of articles in respected outlets such as TIMEThe Washington PostReligion News Service, and Dallas Morning News.  As sought out commentator of faith, culture, and public life, he is a regular contributor to national media outlets and has been interviewed by outlets such as MSNBCNPRSiriusXMTIME MagazineThe Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, and The Associated Press. 

Acclaimed as one of“the most hope-inspiring young Christian leaders”, Brandan is a sought-after speaker and consultant to churches, denominations, conferences, and universities. He is the founder and executive director of Nomad Partnerships, a consulting firm and resource center to equip and empower faith communities to improve their public witness and impact the world. He served as the immediate past national spokesperson of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality and now serves on the advisory board. He is also on the editorial advisory board ofStand Magazine and on the board of initiators for Convergence.  

Brandan earned his Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry & Theology from Moody Bible Institute and is pursuing his Masters of Theological Studies from Iliff School of Theology. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado. 


Rev. Dr. Paula Williams was the CEO of one of America's largest church planting organizations, a preaching pastor at two megachurches, a magazine editor, and a seminary instructor.  After 35 years in New York, Paula moved to Lyons, Colorado, where she currently serves as a pastoral counselor and church consultant.  Paula has three grown children and five granddaughters. 

Isaac Archuleta, MA, NCC, LPC


Isaac L. Archuleta holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Upon completion of his graduate degree, Isaac opened iAmClinic, LLC, a counseling practice that serves the LGBTQ community and their families. Isaac became a National Certified Counselor in May of 2011 and Licensed Professional Counselor in May of 2013. In post-graduate training, Isaac studied under world-renown author Doctor Janelle Hallman. Isaac specialized in working with straight religious parents of gay children and individuals who sought counseling for experiences of same-gender attraction.

He continues to host seminars for straight parents of gay children and trainings for professional counselors who work with sexual and gender minority clients. Isaac has taught graduate counseling courses at Denver Seminary, specifically addressing counseling the LGBTQ community and training clergy on LGBTQ inclusion. Upon creating iAmProject, Isaac has partnered with several churches and pastors throughout the USA to promote religious equality and inclusion for sexual minorities. He blogs on gender, sexuality, and relationships and is founder of iAmInstitute, an online learning school, and cofounder of iAmProject. He blogs for The Huffington Post and can be heard on various podcasts throughout the USA. 

Michael Stark, MA

Michael D. Stark holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Judson University and a master’s degree in Philosophy from Denver Seminary. Upon completion of his degree, Michael began teaching philosophy and theology at Colorado Christian University, a position he has held for three years. Michael’s research centers on the philosophy of religion and existentialism, with current interest in the intersection of social justice, particularly on topics centering on LGBTQ issues. Furthering his specialty, Michael was a 2013 research fellow at the Hong Kierkegaard Library at St. Olaf College, the results of which have been published. Michael is a published author & speaker, with contributions in the Huffington Post, Radical Orthodoxy, Relevant Magazine, The Other Journal, and he has written entries for the Kierkegaard Research series. He is the co-founder of Inviting Liberation (, a new online magazine focused on community-oriented spiritual journeys. He is the co-founder of iAmProject.

Susan Cottrell

Susan Cottrell is the prominent voice for faith parents of LGBTQ children, as a national speaker, teacher and theologian. Through her nonprofit——Susan champions the LGBTQ community and families with her characteristic tender-heartedness, and she zealously challenges Christians that love is the foundation of faith.

Her brand-new book “Mom, I’m Gay”—Loving Your LGBTQ Child and Strengthening Your Faith is published by Westminster John Knox Press and set for release in May 2016. It is a Revised and Expanded Edition of her classic book, endorsed by The Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG, The Gay Christian Network and others. Her healing workbook for the LGBTQ community is True Colors: Celebrating the Truth and Beauty of the Real You and is endorsed by Dr. Mel White, author of Stranger at the Gate, the Human Rights Campaign, and others.

She and her husband Rob have been married nearly 30 years and have five children, two of whom are in the LGBTQ community. They live in Austin, Texas.