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899 Logan St, Ste. 308
Denver, CO, 80203
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Event Specifics



Q: Is food provided?
A: Yes! We will have snacks (fruit, cheese, cookies) available through the day, and there will also be bottles of water available. We will also be providing lunch consisting of sandwiches (meat & vegetarian options), fruit & veggie sides, and a snack. All food is free, and is our treat to you.

Q: You say there is a cocktail hour! Is it a cash bar? 
A: No. Alcohol is free and for a time of community & celebration. There is no charge for alcohol.

Q: What about parking?
A: If you know the Highlands area, you know street parking is limited and time-restricted. We have rented the parking lot of North High School a block west of the Holiday Theater for the event. Park there free of charge.

Q: Can I donate to iAmProject?
A: Yes, you can give on Saturday and any time on our website using the "I Want to Help" button.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Whatever you need to feel comfortable. We will provide the food listed above, but if you want anything extra bring that with you. If you want to take notes during talks, bring a notepad.

Q: Is there wifi at the Holiday Theater?
A: You bet! You will get the password Saturday morning at the registration table.

Other details 

The event is will be held in the Holiday Theatre at 2644 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211. 

The sessions will be recorded so we ask that all attendees are seated on time. 

As a means to have an accurate count of attendees, registration is required. There is no fee, but it is asked that you register so that accommodations can be anticipated. For entrance, wristbands will be required. 

Highlands Church has gender neutral bathrooms located in the auditorium on the first floor. 

For dinner, there are two restaurants in the area who have partnered with iAmProject. They are giving all attendees with wristbands portions of their meals at a discounted rate. Participating restaurants will be provided in your registration packet.