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iAmProject seeks to help churches develop strategies for repairing the divide between the LGBT+ community, their religious communities, and their families. 

It is our experience that churches and families want to create a welcoming space for those who identify as LGBT+, however movement is restricted by fear of compromising religious integrity and values. 

We at iAmProject can help.

iAmProject is the product of collaborative and cohesive voices of both Isaac Archuleta, a licensed psychotherapist, and Michael Stark, a philosophy and theology professor. Together they have created a holistic training program for pastors and family members in a model that deemphasizes debate surrounding the LGBT+ community's inclusion in the Church and promotes hope.

Likewise, with the help of nationally recognized nonprofit fundraiser, The Reverend Canon Charles LaFond, churches will develop means of financial independence and stability that coincide the inclusion of the LGBT+ community.

iAmProject has already assisted churches throughout the nation in this process, and we're eager to help more.