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Christian families. LGBT+. the Church.

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Keynote speaker, father of a gay son, Danny Cortez, share his philosophy on loving the gay community. 

Susan Cottrell, Paula Williams, Brandan Robertson, Michael Stark, and Isaac Archuleta discuss the damage created by non-inclusive theologies. 

Hear from the mother of a gay daughter and the bisexual son of two pastors. Susan and Isaac create a dialogue to help Christian families navigate relationships. 

Brandan Robertson makes a theological case for LGBT+ inclusion by using the story of Jesus to validate equality.

Michael Stark, philosopher and LGBT+ ally, uses the work of Kierkegaard to articulate the complete and absolute love of God...for all. 

Isaac tells the tale of his coming out through art. 

Isaac talks about the God of diversity and how God's creative design intentionally includes LGBT+ diversity. 

Susan Cottrell, founder of Freed Hearts, describes what unconditional love between parent and LGBT+ children can look like. 

How does gender identity and sexual orientation develop and how can we tell it is part of God's design? Isaac and Michael explain it here. 

Are you a CHRISTIAN parent who feels detached from your LGBT+ Child

Do you as a member of the LGBT+ community have challenges within your relationship or identity